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Universal AjaxChat is a joomla1.5/1.6/1.7/2.5 chat component, this component has been developed to be fast, efficient and secure fully compatible with every joomla authentication systems such as Community Builder, joomsocial ... Universal AjaxChat is perfect for community sites, radio sites, online TV sites, and sites of companies where they need a powerful chat tools secure, fast, easy to use and to be customized by non-developers

Universal AjaxChat was awarded Best Web Tool 2012 by the WHS Team.


Universal AjaxChat-Best Web Tool 2012

Key Features

  • Usable as shoutbox: You can use it as shoutbox, publish the module and voila.
  • Multiple Chat rooms: Supports multiple chat rooms used from the same interface.
  • Private messaging: Private messaging between members is also available.
  • Private chat rooms: Each user has his propore private chat room.
  • Invitation System: Private rooms are accessible only by invitation.
  • Ability to ban users: Administrator has the possibility to ban users for a fixed time.
  • Online users: List of online users with user menu.
  • Managing Emoticons: Site administrator has the ability to add/modify/delete smileys.
  • Emoticons & BBCode: The user has the ability to use emoticons in messages with bbcode.
  • Multilingual: 22 languages (auto-detecting the browser configuration).
  • Several styles: 16 styles easily modifiable for future merger with your template.
  • Highly secure: Prevent code/SQL injection, (XSS), flights and other attacks.
  • Access for non-members: Users can chat as guests (if enabled by administrator).
  • Fight against the Flood: Set the maximum number of messages users can send per minute..
  • Work with all modern browsers: Tested successfully with IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari...

Demo site



Server side:

  • PHP> = 4
  • MySQL> = 4
Apache server ( Ajax Chat not work with IIS servers)

Client side:

  • Enable JavaScript
  • Cookies enabled

The next logical client side is written in JavaScript. The server-side logic is written in PHP. Messages are stored in a MySQL database


Subscription Plans

Important note: If we mention that our software is compatible with JomSocial, community builder, Joomunity .... This does not imply that the software comes with a plugin dedicated to these software This means that registered users on a joomla site equipped with these authentication systems are recognized by this chat component

Buy One Month Support Subscription $56

This payment includes the component download for one month.
One month of support via our support center.
After your subscription expires, the component will work forever.
This is a one-time charge. Your subscription will expire after one month and will NOT renew.


You need update and support for more time?? You can select our economic offer:Have a one year support subscription, download all Universal AjaxChat version.If you select this offer you will have access to download updates and our support center for 12 months.


Buy One Year Support Subscription $150

Get Support


1. Post your questions on Forum.
2. Login to your account and submit a Support ticket.
3. Drop me an email to lotfi.universal [@] yahoo.fr