Here is a quick breakdown of how membership works, with most of the major questions addressed below:

  • Determine which Joomla extension(s) you would like.
  • Choose a Support Subscription Plan to purchase.
  • Checkout via
  • Download and install your new extension(s).
  • Contact us in our Support Center if you need any help.



1- What happens when the subscription expires?

When your subscription expires, you will lose access to upgrades and support.

2- Can I keep the extension?

Yes, you can keep the extension

3- Am I required to subscribe again?

No, you are not required to subscribe again.

4- Will the extension still work after the subscription exipres?

Yes, the extension will work after the subscription expires (and no, there will be no limitations on it).


What are you buying and why?

Our components are *not* encrypted. We believe you should have the right to customize the software you buy, so we leave our source code open.  But if our source code is open, what are we selling? SUPPORT, SUPPORT and SUPPORT.

How much does it cost?

Each of our subscription plans will follow the same basic pricing structure, having a 1-month support subscription and a 6-month support subscription, though depending on the extension's feature-set, the price will vary.  To see our list of available subscriptions, please click here.

Still Have Questions?

If you have any questions not answered by this article or our forum and FAQ section, feel free to reach out to us in our Support Center to get an idea how we work!  Thanks! :-)

Refund Policy

We cannot offer refunds on purchases of support -- we are selling you the right to our time.  Please contact us with any questions before making your purchase as all purchases are final.  Thanks!

Thank you for taking the time to read our terms and conditions of service and our Refund Policy


Please note that in order to purchase a subscription, you must first register and login. If you have not registered, please do so here. Thanks!




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