Universal Product Listing Manager


The perfect joomla product catalog component


If you need to display your products on your Joomla! site, without having to put them on sale, The Universal Product Listing Manager component is for you. This component allows you to manage all your products and list them to your site without having to use a complex shopping cart system like Virtuemart, HikaShop, RedShop .... Universal Product Listing Manager allows you to manage your products and classify them into categories and subcategories with great simplicity and very pleasant presentation styles .



Key Features

A Category Manager

Allows you to add / edit / delete product categories on the site

A Product Manager

Will allow you to add / modify / delete product

A Product Type Manager

This allows you to more accurately classify your products

A Templating System

That lets you change the layout and design of your products.

Multiple Views are Available

Which allows you to display your products in lists, blog, home page or table.

A Tagging System

That will automatically convert keywords from the fields "Meta Keywords" in tags.

A Rating System

Users of your site can vote your products, know their tendencies.

Social Share buttons

Users can share products with their friends through many social networks.

Product Image Gallery

You can assign a picture gallery to your products, for better presentation.

Joomla2.5 Demo



  • PHP> = 5
  • MySQL> = 4
  • Joomla2.5 or Joomla1.7

Subscription Plans


Buy Joomla1.7/2.5 Compatible version $49


  •  This payment includes the download component for one month.
  • One month of support via our support center.
  • After your subscription expires, the component will work forever.
  • This is a one-time charge. Your subscription will expire after one month and will NOT renew.



Want to download next versions and for more time? You can select our economic offer: Have a 6 month subscription, download all versions while your subscription is active. If you select this offer you will have access to download updates and our support center for 6 months.


Get Universal Product Listing Manager 6 Month Support $140

Get Support:

1. Post your questions on Forum.

2. Login to your account and submit a Support ticket.

3. Drop me an email to lotfi.universal [@] yahoo.fr


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